Charity Day 2015 – Thank You


Charity day was again a great success and the winners of our 3rd Ryder Cup of bowls were the FEROCIOUS FOREHANDS by the close margin of only 3 points. Victories in the fours and pairs gave them the edge over the BARBAROUS BACKHANDS. Some interesting headwear was on display with the Red Indian headdress of Stevie McIntosh and the luminous green afro sported by Stuart Turnbull standing out.

Player of the day was Neil Currie who pipped Elliot Young and Craig Sandilands to the mystery prize of a space-hopper!! At the other end of the performance stats Billy Sandilands was obviously saving himself for his Championship semi final.

Fantastic to see long established members and recently joined members competing hard to win but also having a fun day. Aldo is obviously a hard to please skip with demands of “don’t go too high and don’t go too low” the cleanest of his instructions. Great to see Bugsy playing on his 30th birthday and celebrating well into the night.

Thanks again to Neal Rooney for donating the trophy for this competition and it will be engraved this year!!

The evening social event was not required as everyone was happy just to contribute to the Club’s bar sales and dance to the music played by DJs Ellie & Edo.

Lots of members contributed to the running of the day so a big thanks to all of you. Also thanks to the members or their partners who prepared the hot rolls and soup that kept us going until the pizzas and Chinese meals arrived for tea.

We raised £502 for charity from our match entry fees, sweeps, one bowl and a number of extremely kind donations- fantastic.

This will be donated as follows:

  • £250 to the Phoenix Project in Guatemala.
  • £126 to Marie Curie Scotland (as chosen by the Ferocious Forehands). Craig Sandilands will get this value doubled to £252 by Lloyd’s Bank as part of their staff matching scheme.
  • £126 to The Sick Kids Friends Foundation (as chosen by the Barbarous Backhands). Craig Sandilands will get this value doubled to £252 by Lloyd’s Bank as part of their staff matching scheme.

To everyone involved on the day, see you next year for more of the same and


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